Moving to Secondary School


In the September when your child moves in to year 6 you will receive information from Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) regarding secondary school choice, and how to apply, when you can state up to four preferences.

GCC have an informative section on their website and this will also give details of open mornings run in the autumn term at secondary schools.  You may find it useful to attend open mornings when your child is in year 5, so that you give yourself plenty of time to make a decision, as secondary school preferences normally need to be submitted by the end of October.

Representatives from local secondary schools come and meet with Y6s to give them a flavour of their school, and they sometimes bring along one or two past pupils to answer any questions.

PSHE lessons also support the transition process for the children.


If you are considering St Peter's High School, you may be aware that some bus routes are being reviewed ready for September 2017, and you may wish to have an input into the decision making.  Please see the letter below which includes details on how to get in touch.


Buses: a letter from John Dix

Dear Parents,

As you may well be aware, there is currently a home to school bus service operating between many of the villages situated in close proximity to the A38, and St Peter’s High School.  This service currently commences at Standish, taking in Stonehouse, Nympsfield, Uley, Dursley, Cam, Frampton and Whitminster.  This covers a large geographical area, and whilst we intend to operate a service from those areas again next academic year, we are proposing to incorporate more pick-ups in other areas to enable us to split the route into two.  This will create two, shorter routes that will benefit all concerned.  Our intention is to incorporate a section of Stroud, with a bus likely to travel from Stonehouse, through Ebley to Merrywalks, then to St Peter’s.

In order for us to do this, we need a sufficient number of children to subscribe.  If you live in any of the afore mentioned areas and would like your child to travel on a bus service exclusive to school children, please visit our website and sign up via the ‘school routes’ section.  You will need to select your school, then the route (A38), and complete the online forms.  This process will display the route in its current format with only 49 seats.  Please sign up regardless as we will amend the routes as soon as we have sufficient demand and, should the amended routes not be to your liking, you are free to cancel at no obligation.  Once we have 49 children subscribed, subsequent subscribers will get a message informing you that you have been placed on our waiting list.  Again, please ignore this – we can only sign children up to established routes but we will be able to split the route and assign children to the correct route once we have an idea of numbers and where children live.


It is our hope that we can establish two routes, serving a wider area and a greater number of children, and at the same time cut journey times to and from school.  This however, is dependent on numbers, and we would urge you to sign up as early as possible to help us get these routes in place.  If your child is a new starter in September and you are not 100% sure of their place, I would encourage you to sign up as soon as you are aware that you have a place at St Peter’s.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 01452 886633 or we will do our best to help.
Yours sincerely,

John Dix