Introduction to our Governing Body

The Governing Body at our school

At St Dominic’s Primary Catholic School, our governors are volunteers from our parish, school and local community. They are each responsible for providing strategic leadership and accountability in our school. 


Our governors comprise of:

  • Four foundation governors, appointed by the Diocese of Clifton.
  • Two staff governors, elected by the staff at our school, plus our Head Teacher.
  • Two parent governors, elected by parents of the school to act as a representative for the parents on the governing body.
  • One co-opted governor, also appointed by the governing body.





Link Area

Mr Charles O’Neill


Chair of Governors,



Mr Ufuoma Bakpa




Ms Alison Figueiredo




Mrs Jacqui Sollars

Head Teacher

Head Teacher


Mrs Simone Thurbon


Chair of Performance, Standards & Admissions committee


Mrs Marilyn Greenhalgh


Performance, Standards & Admissions

Literacy, EYFS

Mr Scott Hawkins




Mr Philip Rush




Miss Georgina Mansell




Mrs Dawn Hinder


Performance, Standards & Admissions, PTA


Mrs Christine Killey

Clerk to the Governors

Governor training

Committee Structure and Meetings

At our school we currently have two separate committees, which meet each term. These are:

  • The Resources Committee - chaired by Mr Charles O'Neill
  • The Performance and Standards Committee - chaired by Mrs Simone Thurbon

In addition, Full Governing Body meetings are also held on a termly basis and chaired by Mr Charles O'Neill.  


School Visits

As part of their role governors are expected to visit the school at least once per term. This is in addition to supporting key school events. Governors are linked to key areas and visits are carried out to monitor and evaluate educational performance through learning walks and book scrutinises.



The Governors we are responsible for the general direction of everything that goes on in the school, including the maintenance of buildings, appointing staff, regulating the funding supplied by the Education Funding Agency and ensuring that the curriculum matches the needs of the children.  We help to decide the school's strategy for improvement so that the children learn most effectively and achieve the highest standards.  We monitor and evalute the school's effectiveness.

How we are Appointed

We are elected and appointed in such a way as to reflect those sections of the community which have an interest in the school. The Bishop of Clifton appoints Foundation Governors, usually in consultation with the Parish Priest.  As a Catholic school, Foundation Governors make up the majority of the Governing Body.   Parents and Staff elect Governors to represent their respective groups and one Governor is appointed from the local community. The Headteacher may choose to be a Governor, and all other Governors serve a four-year term.

No current members of the governing body have a governance role in other educational institutions.

Governors may be contacted by either phoning the school office on 01453 832682 or emailing