The Chaplaincy Team


Pupils from years 3- 6 have the opportunity to serve the school as part of the Chaplaincy Team. Anyone can put their name forward to be in the Chaplaincy Team. This year we have six pupils who were commissioned by Bishop Declan at Clifton Cathedral in November 2016. This was a very special event along which we celebrated along with other Chaplaincy teams from all over Clifton Diocese.

The Chaplaincy team play a vital role in the Spiritual life of the school and are supported by the Headteacher and Fr Bill from the church of The Annunciation.


The Chaplaincy Team perform many duties throughout the year including:

  • Working within their classes to ensure everyone is clear on the mission, values and aims of our catholic school.
  • Ensuring the Collective worship areas are a focal point in each classroom.
  • Assisting in promoting Gospel Values and deciding how best we can use these in our everyday life.
  • Writing and presenting whole school assemblies.
  • Planning and leading key stage/class collective worship.
  • Assisting in the organisation of school masses and liturgies.
  • Helping plan and lead charity events.
  • To make links with the Annunciation church and the parishioners.



The St Francis Room

The St Francis Room is a quiet room for prayer and reflection.   We meet here during the week for our chaplaincy team meetings. We are working on making this a place where we can all come to for a period of quiet if we need to.


Display of our R.E. Work in the church.

We thought it would be a lovely idea to share our R.E. work with the parishioners and therefore once we had completed our unit on Creation we took our completed work to the church where Fr Bill announced from the pulpit on Sunday that our work was there for all to see.  We got some lovely comments from the parishioners and we feel so proud of our work that we will be repeating this exercise by displaying our work on Advent and Christmas over the festive period.